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British Science Week 2017

World Record Attempt to Identify Fingerprints Frequently Asked Questions

What will I get in my pack?

1. You will be given a lesson plan mapped to the National Curriculum (Science
2. Each student will see how fingerprints are different from everyone else in the world.
3. They will take their own fingerprints on real fingerprint forms, using professional fingerprint ink.
4. Each student will be given a X3 “credit card” magnifier (to take home
5. Each (small group/table) will be given three “known” sets of suspect fingerprints.
6. The group/class will then be presented with three, differentiated, envelopes containing “unknown” suspect fingerprints. Students have to match the “suspect” marks against the “unknown” marks.
7. We will incorporate a data handling Maths lesson (appropriate to the KS) again, differentiated. This will really bring applied maths to life!
8. Finally, you will receive a huge poster, where each student will put their finger marks showing they have participated.
9. Reward stickers will be contained in the pack together with certificate blanks.


Two years ago, we sent cheques to 1. CLIC Sargent 2. Foodbank. Both received £500 each. This year the charities are "home" and "away". The home charity is Macmillan Cancer Support. The away charity is the amazing Chilli Children in Uganda. See

What ages can participate?

The Fingerprint World Record Attempt is suitable for ages 5-18 years, however we have got some reception classes taking part, as well as teachers!

How long does the session last?

The session will last 2-3 hours, we are also sending FREE 5 x 1 Hour lessons plans for extra activities during the whole of National Science Week.

When will I receive my pack

Packs are being sent out around February Half Term, this will give you plenty of time to go through your kits and get acquainted with them before British Science Week 2017

How many students can participate?

There is no limit to the number of students who can participate; we have got whole schools joining in already!

How much does it cost?

The cost is £2 per student +VAT and postage and packaging. The retail value of these kits is well over £5 each but as we are mass producing we have managed to keep our costs to a bare minimum.

Will you be collecting the fingerprints/is there data protection issues?

We are not using this event as a data collection exercise at all! The children will be encouraged to take their fingerprints home with them, if not we ask that the teachers destroy them accordingly.


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