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British Science Week 2018

CSI Club or "999" Event

Taking place during British Science Week 2018- 9th-18th  March 2018

Option 1: CSI Club

What will I get in my pack?
1. You will be given lesson plans mapped to the National Curriculum 
2. Each student will see how fingerprints are different from everyone else in the world.
3. They will take their own fingerprints on real fingerprint forms, using professional fingerprint ink.
4. Each student will be given a X3 “credit card” magnifier (to take home
5. Each (small group/table) will be given three “known” sets of suspect fingerprints.
6. The group/class will then be presented with three, differentiated, envelopes containing “unknown” suspect fingerprints. Students have to match the “suspect” marks against the “unknown” marks.
7. We will incorporate a data handling Maths lesson (appropriate to the KS) again, differentiated. This will really bring applied maths to life!
8. Finally, you will receive a huge poster, where each student will put their finger marks showing they have participated.
9. Reward stickers will be contained in the pack together with certificate blanks.

What ages can participate?

How long does the session last?
The sessions will last 5-6  hours i.e a full day's teaching and learning>OR the pack can be used for a series of after-school type sessions

When will I receive my pack?
Packs take about one week to be delivered, after payment.

How many students can participate?
We have priced for 30 students. Ring us on 01603 864647 for a great number of students or whole school event. Some great discounts can be had!

How much does it cost?
The packs cost £300 (EX VAT) for 30 students (there are also some consumable spares included)

This is a self-run event, and we provide resources.

Option 2: 999 Package

(a) A full day CSI for up to 70 students in either a "hall" or similar setting
(b) Two consecutive half days for up to 35 students

What is Included:

Students either investigate a murder (or theft for younger students)
Students take, "lift" and match fingerprints
Students cast suspect teeth in dental alginate
Students learn about blood spatter analysis

The perfect experience to be run during British Science Week. 

£999+VAT for up to 70 students

We attend your school! Our presenters are Ex-Detectives, Prison Officers & Other experienced professionals.

Often schools run 5 days with difference year groups each day. 

Suitable for Primary, Secondary, Higher Education

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