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CSI in Schools

CSI in Schools

We arrive one hour before students start school to set up. The fun and learning then begins! Students participate in the some of the following “hands on” activities:

  • Fingerprint Expert
  • Forensic Dentistry
  • Hair & Fibre analysis
  • Ballistic Examination
  • Photo Fit
  • Blood Spatter Pattern Analysis
  • DNA Measurement and detection
  • Mock Trial (complete with Wigs and Gowns!)
  • NEW- Flame tests and refractive index of glass

The “suspects” can come from staff, janitor, friends etc. We really encourage independent learning and team work during the events (which can be run as a CSI Challenge/Competition). We bring careers information with us covering:-science, forensic science, crime scene examination and the police service.

Our People

We come from different walks of the forensic world:-police officers, crime scene examiners, forensic scientists and one of the world’s leading fingerprint experts and forensic teachers/trainers. We match our people with your school profile. We all possess enhanced CRB checks. Ofsted  has graded our activities as “outstanding”

What exactly will happen?

Each school day is different. Often it is not necessary to “collapse” the school timetable. We can work with any number of students of any ability.

What sort of things do we offer to Secondary clients?

  • Enrichment activities
  • All forms of Applied science. We are experts at delivering BTEC, AQA, OCR Forensic modules and Investigating a traffic accident
  • End of term activities
  • National Science and Engineering Week

What else do we bring with us?

  • Up to date careers sheets
  • Enough materials for a class room display

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