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We are delighted to partner with Chilli Children a fantastic charity in Uganda. We have had the opportunity of visiting the project for the past two years.

Chilli Children Trust is a unique Christian charity working to improve the lives of thousands of children in Uganda, Africa.

Chilli Children Trust supports the North Kigezi Diocese Growers, Orphans and Disabled Children’s Project based in Rukungiri. The Project Team help orphaned and disabled children in 4 districts at the very South Western end of Uganda, bordering Rwanda and DR Congo.

Regular surveys are carried out in remote areas to identify disabled children and provide them with access to surgery, life skills, medical outreach, and education.

We are called Chilli Children because families whose children are registered with the project are taught to grow chilli which gives them a means of self-reliance.

This is made possible through the generosity of our supporters who kindly donate, fundraise, volunteer or visit the project.

This is our "away" charity for the next twelve months

To see more about this amazing charity go to 


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